• Environmental accessories

    Seamless PTFE membrane
    Smooth and non-viscous surface, with a low coefficient of friction
    Highly corrosion resistant;
    Bore diameter of 0.22 to 0.5 um
    Filtration flux ≥ 0.5m3/m2. h
    Service life ≥ 3 years
    Specification of membrane tube
    Diameter: 16.5±0.5mm  
    Length: 1550mm
    Thickness: 750±50µm

    Advantages of membrane module
    Consisting of 9 tubes
    Simple structure without clamps
    Filtrating area of 0.72 m2 for each membrane module
    Can be exchanged with membrane modules made by other manufacturers
    No pre-wetting treatment is needed before use
    Pre-assembled before leaving factory, field assembly is unnecessary